Treating Waterways equally

Letter to the Editor

After the fire, the silver lining in this rebuild was that Fort McMurray could be built better than before, more beautiful. As we go through the planning and rebuilding process, we have an opportunity to make those words come true.

Reconstruction efforts have finally begun in Waterways. The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo council has a chance to install the same quality of public infrastructure in Waterways as in other Fort McMurray neighbourhoods by providing the community with buried utilities.

The fire burnt down almost every power pole in Waterways. Providing Waterways with buried utility services, instead of replacing poles, would be an important and strong message to those whose lives have been in limbo for over six months. Underground utilities cost only a little more, but last much longer and are protected from flood and fire. Not to mention it makes good sense and could be accomplished before the start of the spring building season.

Now is the time to make thoughtful long-term decisions that will improve our communities and build our city back even stronger and better than before.

A private citizen of Fort McMurray

– Connect Weekly –