Lighting a memory candle

By Carol Christian, Connect Contributor

candleAs a way of people remembering loved ones who have passed away, Some Other Solutions will be launching its Light the Lamp initiative during its annual Worldwide Candle Light event being held Dec. 11.

As part of this new memorial initiative, the names and the dates that each loved one – whether a child, sibling, son, daughter, sister, brother, husband, wife – that has passed away will be gathered. This information will be registered with Linda Sovdi, the health and wellness manager at Some Other Solutions.

She explains that the name of the loved one who has passed and the date of their death as well as contact information including an email address for the person registering them, will be entered into her Outlook calendar as an appointment. On the anniversary date, the information will be highlighted as an appointment first thing in the morning.

“I will go and physically turn on that lamp in their memory then I will be sending out an email to the person who registered the loved one, to say in honour and memory of your loved one, the lamp is lit at SOS.”

Sovdi noted that SOS works closely with Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton and the two organizations often exchange ideas. One a recent tour of the centre, she noticed a similar initiative and has brought the memorial idea to Wood Buffalo.

She described it as a way “to help people remember well and to bring honour.”

Given this will be an ongoing form of remembrance, there is no deadlines for registration.

“We are committed to supporting families in their darkest days and giving honour and respect to each loved one alive and those that have passed away.”

For more information contact Sovdi, 780-743-8605, ext. 2.

Some Other Solutions is hosting our Annual Worldwide Candle Light (WWCL) event on Dec 11th @ 6:00 pm at Dr. Clark School, 8453 Franklin Ave.

This event supports families who have suffered the loss of a child, sibling or grandchild.

For one hour around the globe, this candle lighting honours children, siblings, and grandchildren of all ages who have died from any cause and transcends all ethnic, cultural, and religious boundaries.

Those who will be attending, are invited to bring pictures, remembrance or signs to commemorate the life they will be remembering.

Anyone not able to attend may participate by simply lighting a candle at home.

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