Want to CONNECT with our community?

Connect your business with our readers.

Connect Weekly Newspaper is a unique marketing vehicle that is delivered right into our readers’ mailboxes each week. When you advertise with the Connect your marketing message is put into the hands of a diverse, far reaching social economic spectrum of potential customers – we target all demographics throughout the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo for one price without the need to choose between them.

It’s important to give your advertising the time to be effective. You need to create top of mind awareness. The key is to keep a consistent branding ad throughout the year and supplement this ad with our special features that are focused to your business and your community ties, boosting your brand and company recognition in unique and timely features that zero in our reader’s special interests.

Advertising is also now available on our website. Our page visits and views range between 19,200 and 27,000 in the past three months. Your advertising is sure to be seen here by your potential clients, customers and possible future employees.

Contact Publisher/Sales Manager Tim O’Rourke – today to see how he can help get you Connected.

Or give us a call at 780-790-6627

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